I recently read an article titled ‘The Land No Country Wants to Claim’ by Daniel Ganniger.

As I , like so many other disturbed and, discombobulated American’s, watched the farcical Capitol riot, was struck by some of the statements and, the verbal flatulence, of the rioters. What is called ‘an insurrection’ seems to me, simply a bunch of stupid, almost entirely ‘white’ mob of dumb fuck white trash. They felt entitled to exhibit the worst kind of American ignorance on the World stage. ‘We are White we are Proud we are Patriots! Don’t Tread on My blue suede combat boots.

I remember the Parker’s. You cross the creek bout two miles down a dirt road and through the wood. Then you are at the Parker’s house.

I remember the Parker’s outhouse. I remember the smell. I remember the house. Windows with flour sack curtains. Bare bones, wood frame house. No paint. Just wood. Smoke wafting from the wood stove. Mrs. Parker baking biscuits. Front porch screened and shadowy. Crawlspace under. Alien space. Haunted, dark space. Storage, old stuff, to be never resurrected. broken stuff, abandoned. Just buried in dust. Like memories hidden.

I recall Mrs. Parker pumping water outside. Thin…

I grew up with the Rev. Kenneth Copeland. He and I attended the same church. The Church of ‘St. Vitus-Holy Prophet of God Assembly.’ I will always remember this anecdote which he shared. Picture this: The 1880's,Kenny’s Grandpa, ‘Buford Copeland’ is hitching a mule to a buckboard.

He is preparing to retrieve one, ‘Miss Annabelle Bodacious’, this being their first ‘official’ outing during a lengthy courting ritual called ‘The Days of Yearning’ a little known and, practically forgotten ritual. (Except among the ‘Pure of Heart Youth Ministry’ within ‘The Church of St. Vitus-Holy, Prophet of God Assembly.’ …

Could Bruce Springsteen save America? I love good music. Most genres. I really love it when it touches something inside which I can’t verbalize. I am not a musician. So, I will continue, with the disclaimer, I am not a musician nor am I qualified as a critic. Not here for that.

What I need to say is, I am so fucking sad and feel so alone right now. Sorry. I am 72 years old. I was young once. Been awhile. (Funny thing, I still have the same interior life I had in 1973) I don’t believe anyone my age…

A dedicated team is currently vetting and evaluating the potential of a Capt. Crunch/Mr. ‘T’ ticket. Campaign slogan: ‘MACA’ ‘Make America Crunchy Again’ and “ Pity the Fools who vote MAGA.” Mr.’ T was recently interviewed by Sugar Bear, beloved Mascot of Sugar Crunch cereal, Mr. ‘T’ is quoted as saying, “I pity the soggy ass fool who don’t vote. I pity the fool more, who votes MAGA, Fool!.”

This from Official Capt.Crunch news site ‘Crunch Facts’, The Wall Street Journal and Washington Times noted that the three stripes on the mascot’s uniform indicate a rank of Commander rather than…

I reckon we reveal more through scars than any other voice. Beautiful work.

I always feel better after I read your thoughts, poetry and meditations. I would like to recommend two of my favorite Van Morrison songs : 'Til We Get The Healing Done.' and 'Rough God Goes Riding.' Check his songbook. It's absolutely amazing. Thanks for making a rough road more passable. You must have an Irish heart kid.

I know a guy who considers himself a 'good guy with a gun.' No carry permit , just carries a .45 ca. everywhere he goes. The other day, I had to remind him he left it ,with holster, on top of his car while offloading his shopping ! One day it fell out of his waistband and hit the pavement. Were some of the shooters good guys with guns gone bad ? Like Bronson in those ridiculous 'Death Wish' movies ? I really don't have much faith in any guys, good or bad, with guns.

No shit.

Jessica Lee , this is one perfect piece. I love your writing. You reach beyond. This is my absolute favorite, so far. Makes me glad to be human. Thank you. If only I could go beyond a paltry 50 claps.

Chevrolet once had an advertising campaign in the 1980's called, 'Chevrolet, The Heartbeat of America.'

Perhaps Smith & Wesson should consider a similar campaign. Maybe something like , 'Smith & Wesson, (insert any gun manufacturer) the 'Dead' Heart Beat of America.' or something like that. (I'm just spit balling here.)

I think in our current culture it would prove quite a successful marketing campaign. They could also fabricate a mascot similar to Ronald Mc Donald or McGruff you know, something for the kids.

Maybe ‘Smitty’ : Good Guy With a Gun ? They could do School visits doing active shooter drills passing out swag and demonstrating how to treat sucking chest wounds.

Test markets could be, Marjory Taylor Greene's Northwest Georgia and Lauren Boebert's District in Colorado. And of course all of Texas (excluding Austin)

The angry shooters and several members of Congress currently are the gun manufacturers best field reps.

They work for free.

Thank You for the Hate,


Your Americans love to destroy.

Your Americans know how to hate.

Raised on the poverty of hatred.

You knew how to ignite the real…

Lane Taylor

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