Bruce!! we need you now more than ever.

Could Bruce Springsteen save America? I love good music. Most genres. I really love it when it touches something inside which I can’t verbalize. I am not a musician. So, I will continue, with the disclaimer, I am not a musician nor am I qualified as a critic. Not here for that.

What I need to say is, I am so fucking sad and feel so alone right now. Sorry. I am 72 years old. I was young once. Been awhile. (Funny thing, I still have the same interior life I had in 1973) I don’t believe anyone my age will object to me re-creating 1973. Where was I ? Maybe, because it’s Halloween and a full moon. Maybe it’s due to some old memories, of decent times, civil times. Maybe I am realizing something I never thought about before. Is it possible, Bruce Springsteen could save America?

Anybody there? For me, Bruce Springsteen is the embodiment of the American Dream. I am always humbled by Bruce Springsteen. I would sell my soul to be Bruce Springsteen in one concert. I don’t mean, being like or, as, him. I mean, being HIM. Wearing his clothes, his boots, his sweat, his smell. The absolute joy and pure American spit of that concert. I would sell my soul for that. Wow, I just realized Bruce Springsteen is definitely my type.

Back to my original idea. There is something so solid and unifying about Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics and music. To me, he would be a powerful voice, and shout into the abyss. That’s where we go when we turn our lives over to the great swindle. Yeah, a big old fucking hole. The Abyss.

Men go there faster than Women because men seem to have more regrets. It’s that hole you’re in right now. There are these faint echoes sounding off your brain. Distant and almost indecipherable. Yet, is a voice calling. Come back, come back……..we miss you….Brother ? Are you there?

Do you not find, when listening to Bruce Springsteen, you feel just a little bit more like a real American? No shit, I need to know. Am I alone? Do I alone, feel so lonely? Brothers ,what has happened to us? Why do we seem to hate one another? Bruce we need you, we need you now more than ever.

The thing I love about Bruce is his genuine and, absolutely sincere, masculinity. I really envy that.(I have pretty much perfected that particular deadly sin envy.) Oh well, fuck it. Bruce don’t care. We do need the voice of a true American now. I sink sometimes into despair. Don’t you? What tattooed on my soul as kid was, American’s are American’s.

I just realized ,I would take a bullet to save his life. Why not? I will tell you my dream job. Secret Service agent serving ‘President Springsteen.’

I just listened to ‘Racing in the Streets’ You tube concert footage.

You, with the Trump flag on your truck. Yeah ,you. Would you take a bullet for that guy? If so, have a good journey. You think and don’t blink.

I’m talking to you. I feel for you my brothers. You are angry, as am I. Just for different reasons.

I only want to ask you one question, ’What is your favorite Bruce Springsteen song?’ Born in the U.S.A.? I ,would put that in my top 20 for sure. Have you listened to his song ‘Youngstown? I grew up 90 miles from there, Youngstown. I remember going to Youngstown once, My Pop had a 1953 Plymouth.

He fixed it himself. My Pop was going to visit my Mom. She was in an institution. My Pop was doing what men are supposed to do. Man loves his woman. Man cares for her. Especially when she is hurting. Man has no time to hate.

I still remember the peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Cherry Kool-Aid I shared with my beautiful older brother Bill, in that old Plymouth. Waiting on Pop.

You know something, if there was a God, who truly loved us and cared, that God would let us relive the best and most light filled moments of our lives, anytime we became fearful and overwhelmed.

I guess what I’m trying to get to is, Bruce Springsteen songs can take me there, somehow. There is a divide we can cross with music.

How have we forgotten? We were children once?

Have you ever listened to ‘My Father’s House’ one of the saddest songs ever written. ‘Born in the USA.’ Great song. How about Bruce’s version of ‘This Land is Your Land’ written by Woody Guthrie. Woody’s guitar had a written message on it’s face, ‘This Machine Kills Fascists’

My Pop fought in WWII. He fought back against Fascism and Nazis. Italy. Anzio. Death. North Africa. Death. Did your Father serve? My Uncle died on the U.S.S. Franklin. I remember his photo in his uniform. My Father held it sometimes and wept. Do we have to hate one another? When did men become so bitter toward their own ? I would take a bullet for Bruce Springsteen.

When I listen to Bruce Springsteen, I am humbled.

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