Good Guy with a Gun ??

Chevrolet once had an advertising campaign in the 1980's called, 'Chevrolet, The Heartbeat of America.'

Perhaps Smith & Wesson should consider a similar campaign. Maybe something like , 'Smith & Wesson, (insert any gun manufacturer) the 'Dead' Heart Beat of America.' or something like that. (I'm just spit balling here.)

I think in our current culture it would prove quite a successful marketing campaign. They could also fabricate a mascot similar to Ronald Mc Donald or McGruff you know, something for the kids.

Maybe ‘Smitty’ : Good Guy With a Gun ? They could do School visits doing active shooter drills passing out swag and demonstrating how to treat sucking chest wounds.

Test markets could be, Marjory Taylor Greene's Northwest Georgia and Lauren Boebert's District in Colorado. And of course all of Texas (excluding Austin)

The angry shooters and several members of Congress currently are the gun manufacturers best field reps.

They work for free.

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