Thank You for the Hate Trump.

Thank You for the Hate,


Your Americans love to destroy.

Your Americans know how to hate.

Raised on the poverty of hatred.

You knew how to ignite the real blood lust of White Power.

Powerless flaccid ‘White ‘ men.

Frigid ‘White’ women,

who in smarmy, smirking entitlement

encourage the hard on of violence in their men.

The bitch is back.

Your Men fuck their guns,

and ejaculate bullets.

They have no real seed.

They shoot hollow blanks.

Your white entitlement

disallows genuine humanity.

You are Zombies and Ghouls reeking of death.


Thank you Trump,

for reminding us of the internment camps.

Rise up to greet your diminishment.

White is not ‘Power.’

White is just


Thank you for the Hate,


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