‘White Trash be lovin Trump’

Subtitled: ‘Orange is the new White trash.’ Right from the ‘Git Go’ I could see the dividing lines between people who loved the Trump and those who were not so keen about the whole deal. When he ‘announced,’ remember the “Great Annunciation’ Golden escalator and all. Some great staging. Hey ,wait a minute. Wasn’t that how he made his entrance for his TV series?

Hey, how bout those folks who took $50.00 pretending they were excited about his candidacy? Those clowns play acted all ‘juiced’ up about a fat orange guy with weird hair and an ill fitting suit. Just enough money to take the whole family to McDonald’s.

Now here is a story one can proudly tell their grand kids. “See honey, there’s Grandpa.” “Right behind the lady wearing the MAGA hat.” That’s where I met your Grandma. She asked me “Does this hat make my ass look fat? She had me at ‘Hat’, ‘Ass’ really clinched the deal. The rest is History. Immediately we drove to ‘Trump’s Steak House & Wedding Chapel ‘ Had a Donald Trump impersonator marry us. The rest is history.” Ahhh, memories.



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