The words longing to be heard ,” First Lady ‘Vampyra‘, Melania, All 22 ,incredibly well trained and hyper expensive specialists, in addition to 19 Super Duper Nurses and attendants did everything humanly possible to save your Husband.

He’s gone.” “ Vhat vere his last verds Doctor? Well, he said he wanted his hair donated to the Smithsonian.” Also, his autographed edition of: ‘My Life My Lies: by J.Goebbels is in the bathroom. He wants Mr. Miller to get it. Said “Killer -Diller-Miller would really appreciate it.” As you can see, he kept his sense of humor right up to the end lol. He also mentioned, his 55 gallon drum of spray tan to is to be stored for future sequels of ‘Baywatch: Watch Us Bounce IIII’ Also his life story series ,‘Orange is the New Tan: By D.J. Trump (actual ghost writer.) “Gotta say, your Hubby was one goddamned tough hombre. He passed saluting. Well, rigor did set in, but all that will be in the autopsy. You don’t need all this technical jargon. Go home Babe. Throw on your dom gear ! Break out the gag balls and butt plugs. Find some deportee named ‘Sanchez’ and get dirty. Have some fun for a change. Spank Jared.(OMG He’s such a tease ! ) Time for a celebration!!!