Trump Flags: A Personal Journey

I have two neighbors Flying their HUGE Trump Flags nearby. Of course both have the American flag flying same staff above the Trump flags. One is an image of a ‘Ramboesque’ super-duper muscular Trump, riding a Tank ! I’d like to hear this gentleman explain this to his grand kids.

“Well you see Billy ,Grandpa is kinda homo- erotically inclined toward strong men. Now I know, it does not look like our ‘Beloved, Fearless (Saluting Better Than Any Other President in History) Leader. That’s not the point Billie. This is a way to honor the vision of President Trump. ‘Well Billie, ,just because he did not serve in the Military (like Grandpa)does not mean he could not or, would not have, won the Vietnam War by himself.

It gives me chills and a prickly sensation just to think of our glorious leader mucking through the jungle kicking some serious gook ass. He could have. Damn straight he could have!!

(Tears well in Grandpa’s eyes )

Billie ,I believe God was saving him for this special time. This is what Grandpa sees when he looks at President Trump. It’s kinda like Jesus. I think he probably looked a lot like Brad Pitt. Yes ,I know what some folks say. I just don’t buy the idea that he was dark skinned and possibly Semitic. Nope, ain’t buyin it. “

As Grandpa stood, to stretch his legs, Jimmy his teenage grandson, was heard in the background, ‘Hey Gramps’, “You know who else loved flags, rallies, homo-erotica, race baiting, misogyny, Super-Duper Super men and Tanks? The Nazis Grandpa… The Fucking NAZIS!!

(Jimmie was immediately written out of the will and banished to a small town in Idaho.) Sieg Heil