Trumpian’s can start their own Country ‘The Land No Country Wants to Claim’

I recently read an article titled ‘The Land No Country Wants to Claim’ by Daniel Ganniger.

As I , like so many other disturbed and, discombobulated American’s, watched the farcical Capitol riot, was struck by some of the statements and, the verbal flatulence, of the rioters. What is called ‘an insurrection’ seems to me, simply a bunch of stupid, almost entirely ‘white’ mob of dumb fuck white trash. They felt entitled to exhibit the worst kind of American ignorance on the World stage. ‘We are White we are Proud we are Patriots! Don’t Tread on My blue suede combat boots.

As I watched and listened, it became obvious, this was a white trash, redneck field trip. Not as one rioter put it ‘A Revolution!’

So proud and entitled we will record our own white trash role play and make it public. We are white, there should be no consequences for our malicious and menacing actions.

These are the same motherfuckers who stop at a Denny’s, take a shit, clog the toilet and don’t say anything. Just let that toilet keep spewing water and shit all over the place.

These gas bags, hags, limp dicks and pompous jack asses were a raggedy, motley, riotous gang of American white trash. But, good Christian folk… all, Amen!

Of course, the ‘Evangelical Christian’ white trash were readily identifiable. This through their verbal and symbolic pretensions to some kind of ‘sacred duty.’ They honored their true Master, and Lizard King ,Donald J. Trump. Jesus Christ was not the headliner. (though they did invoke his presence by name) As did Vice President Mike Pence, I am most certain.

They killed a Cop

Blue Lives Matter.

Strange, they wanted to hang Mike Pence, in Donald Trumps name, yet implored Jesus Christ to intervene on behalf of their true Master and Lizard King, Donald J. Trump.

When they knew they were center stage and sure to be super stars on social media, they really unloaded with their incantations, woo-woo, mumbo jumbo and so called prayers

Further, who can ever forget, the tattooed so called ‘Shaman’ drag queen in the horned coyote tails hat and, oversized spear with American Flag and makeup? How long did it take him in front of a full length mirror to get just the perfect ‘insane Shaman ‘ look ? That boy has some serious problems. He needs to be outed. He is on record as proclaiming,’ We won the fucking day.” Now, he’s in jail. Maybe he will meet his ‘Soul Mate.’ Maybe his Soul Mate’s name will be Bubba. He blames Trump. Trump told him to do it.

A raving loon got shot in the neck and died.

Someone else was trampled to death.

One other who really resonated with me was an unseen rioter shouting, ‘Now that we’re here, lets set up a Government !’

This shouted, just as they entered the House Chamber.

‘Let’s set up a Government.’

I am assuming this was before some of them took shits on the floor, smoked cigars and cigarettes ,helped themselves to the spoils and then left a wake of refuse and destruction.

In case you were curious, they did not set up a ‘Government.’

They were too infatuated with self imaging, just like their fearless, narcissistic leader. They simply recorded their idiocy and white trash shenanigans for posterity.

And of course, the F.B.I.

Then they went home.

So, not really an insurrection. Just a garden variety, white trash lynch mob, looking for someone to blame and to hang.

Hilariously, they chose Mike Pence.

Christian hypocrisy is so fucking blatant. I will never cease to be amazed how white trash Christians pervert the finest teachings of ethical and moral standards, into a mangled junkyard of racism, white nationalism and hatred then, call it ‘Patriotism?’

Pit Bulls seem to be the dog of choice.

Good ’ junkyard dogs.’

These are the kind of closet haters, pointed at in the lyrics from, ‘Eve of Destruction’ written by P.F. Sloan and covered by Barry Mcguire, ”Hate your next door neighbor but don’t forget to say grace.”

Anyways, I read Daniel Ganniger’s article ,’ The Land No Country Wants to Claim’ ( No, it’s not Florida) it got me thinking.

He reports, ’There is an area of land between Egypt and Sudan that nobody wants and has been unclaimed by either nation. The 795 square miles of land in the shape of a trapezoid called Bir Tawil is the only piece of unclaimed land in the world outside of Antarctica,(where no land can be claimed because of the 1959 Antarctic Treaty)

This may be the place where these folks could start their own Government.

The Gods only know what that disaster would look like. One thing is certain, they already have their own flags. White trash be lovin Trump flags, especially the homo-erotic ones of a ‘Ramboesque’ and totally ripped, Donald Trump (sans diaper) He is a ‘Super Duper Superman.’ ( bring back Spike Jones, ’Der Fuhrer’s Face’ )

Oh yeah, they need to take the braying jackass, ‘My Pillow’ lunatic along as well. He could be head of the ‘Disinformation Ministry.’

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